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Welcoming All Interested Players (no experience necessary) for the 2021 Spring Season!

Welcome to the official website for the Boys Ultimate Frisbee Team at Bend Senior High School!

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in the world . . . and for good reason. It’s fun to play and exciting to watch, requires a high degree of athletic performance, and encourages camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The Bend Senior HS team is a club sport (like LaCrosse or Water Polo) that you can earn a varsity letter in. We’re a spring sport, practicing regularly between March and June, and competing in a number of regional tournaments, including the State Championships. Participation is open to anyone who wants to commit themselves to learning the sport with a group of other dedicated athletes.

Please explore the site below to learn more about Ultimate and the Bend Senior HS team.

What Is Ultimate?

Check out these Ultimate highlights!

Ultimate Frisbee got its name for a reason. Considered by many to be “the ultimate sport,” it brings together elements of soccer, football, and basketball to create a dynamic, action-packed, high-intensity game that requires a high degree of speed, endurance, skill, and most importantly, teamwork.

Ultimate is now played all around the world, at levels from elementary school to college to newly formed professional leagues and world championships. Highlights from elite leagues are regularly featured on ESPN’s Top 10, and in 2015, it made a short list of sports being considered for addition to the Olympics.

In short, it’s an awesome game!



The Team

The Bend Senior High School Boys Ultimate program began in the spring of 2017. Now in our fifth season, we have two teams, Varsity and Junior Varsity. No experience is necessary to join our program. We’re open to all interested players!

Our team goals are to:

  • Have a lot of fun!
  • Teach sportsmanship, competitive integrity, and the spirit of the game
  • Support continuous development of Ultimate skills, strategies, and tactics
  • Prepare players to play in college and beyond
  • Build a supportive, team-first culture of mutual respect, excellence, and camaraderie

Below you’ll find some more details and practical information about what playing for the team entails:

Why Join?
Have Fun!:
Ultimate blends together elements of soccer, football, and basketball, with the grace of a flying disc to create a sport that is a lot of fun to play. It’s fast-paced, collaborative, and since the disc floats through the air, there are a lot opportunities for “highlight plays” and “lay-outs” that makes this game extremely addictive (in the best way). Even beginners who are just learning to throw can enjoy the game as much of the rules and strategies are intuitive and easy to pick-up.

Learn A New Sport:
Ultimate is one of the newest and fastest growing sports in the world. It’s also a “lifetime sport” and you can play for decades at recreational and competitive levels. By joining the team, you’ll have a chance to learn the intricacies of the game and develop your skillset.

Be Part of A Team:
One of the most rewarding aspects of Ultimate is that it’s a team game. No single player, no matter how good they may be, can be successful without the support of their teammates. By joining the Ultimate team, you’ll have a chance to train, compete, and develop together with a group of great guys and make lifelong friendships.

Get (or Stay) in Shape:
Ultimate is one of the most physically demanding sports there is, requiring a high degree of speed and endurance. By playing and training with the team, you’ll get into peak condition which can support you in other sports or just make you feel like a champ :).

Prepare for the Future:
By developing your game in High School, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to play high-level Ultimate in college and beyond. There are many opportunities to travel around the country and the world playing club and even professional Ultimate. Starting now will give you a chance to go as far as you want!

Code of Conduct:
All players are expected to treat each other with mutual respect both on and off the field. We promote a team-first attitude, and believe that positive reinforcement is the most effective way to encourage development. Sportsmanship is an important part of Ultimate. There are no referees, and players must enforce the rules themselves and learn to workout any disagreements on the field. Players are expected to approach this with humility, openness, and a willingness to practice self-control even in the most heated competitive moments.



The Season:
The season runs from March to the end of June (adjusted due to COVID).

We will practice after school 3 times per week, with weekly scrimmage games in evenings and on occasionally on weekends. Practices are M, Tu, Thu from 3:30-6pm at Mountain View Park.


Due to COVID, we’ve adapted our competition schedule to avoid too much “mixing” of players from around the state in the early season; and then as time goes by and (hopefully) the pandemic numbers move in a positive direction, we’ll start to introduce competitions. 
We’ve devised a 3-phase schedule where we start out the season in a practice-only mode, then move into a single-game format where we’ll travel (or host) a game with only one team at a time, then by the late spring (pending the success of the vaccine), we may be in a position to start having some tournaments culminating in the state championships. 
While none of this is final, our schedule could look something like this:
  • Phase 1: Practice-Only
    • March 1 to April 11 
    • We will practice only during this phase
  • Phase 2: Single Games
    • April 5 to May 23
    • In addition to practices, we will begin to schedule single games against other teams. 
  • Phase 3: 
    • May 10 to June 27
    • Pending the public health situation, we may schedule 3-4 tournaments during this period, leading towards the state championships. 

Equipment & Uniforms:
Ultimate is a very low-cost sport in that it only requires a frisbee and a pair of standard soccer cleats. Practice discs will be provided by the team. We will have team uniforms that include shorts and both light and dark jerseys. We are looking into potential donors for uniforms, but students may be responsible for purchasing their own.

Participation Fees:
We have fees for all players to cover all our costs for the year, including our field rentals, uniforms, equipment, insurance, and our tournament costs (fees, travel, lodging).  Due to the unknown nature of the season, we will start with a $100 fee for all players, and may need to ask for additional fees later in the year depending on our tournament schedule. 

Financial Aid:
We don’t want finances to be an obstacle for any player interested in joining the team. We have full and partial financial aid available for qualifying players. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Joel Pitney (coach).

COVID-19 Plans
We are currently planning to run a somewhat “normal” season this year, with some key exceptions. Our practice schedule will remain the same, but our competitions (games and tournaments) will be different than in the past. You can see our tentative schedule below. 
We will also be implementing a series of safety guidelines for practices and games, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Masks will be mandatory for all players and coaches during practice. I know this might be annoying, but it’s better than not playing!
  • We can’t maintain social distancing during play, but will do so in the “breaks” between play. For example, when we huddle up to talk, we’ll stay at least 6 feet apart. 
  • During “scrimmages” we may have stall counts generated from the sidelines to avoid players yelling in close proximity to each other. 
  • For travel to tournaments, we may adjust our carpooling strategy to avoid too much “mixing.”
  • During the first part of the season, we will avoid tournaments with large numbers of players and parents from around the state all gathered in one place; and instead, focus on one-off games between just two teams. (See schedule below)
  • If players have been exposed to anyone with COVID, they won’t be able to come to practice or games for a “to-be-determined” period of time. 
  • We will encourage all players who want to participate on the team to do their best to practice sound social distancing in their lives “off the field” for the sake of everyone on the team. 
  • And more ideas are welcome!

The Coaches

Joel Pitney has been the head coach of the Bend High School Boys team since founding the program in 2017. Joel has played Ultimate for over 20 years, starting in high school and playing through college, club leagues, and Masters teams. He has coached elite club teams in NYC, and in 2016 coached The New York Empire in the AUDL professional league. His focus is on building a team culture that is both supportive of individual and collective development, while also encouraging sportsmanship, character-building, and a “team-first” attitude.

Nishant Biswas joined the Lava Bear coaching staff in 2018 and has played a crucial role in helping build the tactical and philosophical foundations of our program. He has focused his efforts on coaching the JV team, as well as defining the overall strategic direction of the team. He started playing Ultimate during high school in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and continued to play the sport in college at the University of California at Berkeley. In addition to coaching, Nishant is an active participant in Bend’s city leagues, as well as a member of our local competitive club team, Igneous. 

Interested? Contact Us

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